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Each of the recipes is original and kid-tested and kid-approved!

All of the recipes in Freddy, Fork it Over! were created using the Daily Nutritional Guidelines for Children as a reference.  A chart is included with each recipe to show the nutritional information based on one serving size.


Freddy and his family have you covered for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and even Party and Snack recipes!


There are a variety of "genres" that will satisfy everyone's tastebuds...comfort food, snappy salads, new twists on old favorites like the PBJ Quesadilla, Middle Eastern...if you're craving a certain style, Freddy and his family of Silvertons will be able to offer you a great recipe!


Silverton Star Ratings

Recipes and activities are outlined in three categories (ranging from no adult supervision to adult supervision) so that all kids between the ages of 4-12 can participate.


One star (6-8 years old) = constant supervision for all activities in the kitchen


Two stars (8-10 years old)= need supervision but can do some activities on own


Three stars (10+ years old) = can start cooking simple meals on own but might need some supervision for complex recipes involving sharp knives and/or open flame

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