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About Freddy, Fork it Over!


Freddy, Fork it Over! is a fun and engaging way to get kids into the kitchen AND outside to play! By following Freddy the fork and his family, the Silvertons, readers will be able to make 40+ yummy recipes, learn awesome facts about food, and find new ways to stay active and healthy.  Designed as a spiral- bound notebook, this is one book that we encourage readers to write in and mark up!


But it's not just about recipes...this notebook follows various Silverton family members, including the main character, Freddy, through their adventures learning about nutrition, cooking, exercise, and fitness.


Each recipe page includes a professional photograph, ingredients, a "taped" card that outlines easy-to-follow instructions, and a nutrition breakdown based upon one serving.  And most pages have a fun tip, an activity, or interesting fact to help enhance understanding and appreciation for the food being prepared.


Click here for a Freddy, Fork it Over! fact sheet.


About the Authors

Brandy Moore Grove and Farah Salim Eck are two best friends who decided that there was a serious lack of a FUN and interactive book made just for kids to help them live a healthier lifestyle.  And voila, the idea for Freddy, Fork it Over! was born.  It took 10 years to draft, create, change, and finalize, because of their weddings, moves to different cities, and birth of children, but it was well worth the wait!


Brandy lives in Springfield, Illinois with her husband and two adorable children.


Farah lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her incomparable husband and partner in crime.


About the Illustrator

Miranda Singler brought the Silvertons to life!  Miranda is an exceptional artist in a variety of mediums - not only illustration, but also web design, identity development, and even exhibit design!  Words alone cannot describe her work, so check out her portfolio at  Miranda lives in Sacramento, California.


About the Photographer

Tina Klicker Lieberman brought the photos to life so much that it's almost like you can smell and taste the delicious recipes!  Tina and her husband express themselves from behind the lens as Black Willow Photography, which has caught the best angle for so many babies, family portraits, weddings, and the most memorable moments!  Visit to see the most unbelievable shots they've captured in Springfield, Illinois and beyond! 

Freddy's Village of Helpers

They say it takes a village to raise a child...well, for Freddy, Fork it Over! it takes a village to create a children's healthy living guide!


Thank you to the following people who generously offered their time and talent to make the best book a kid could hope for!


- Connie Dilley

- Kimberly Eck

- Lou Ann Moore

- Barbara Rowe

- Barbara Salim

- Merle Shiffman

- Julie Waldrop


And many, many others who are listed in our Super Duper Supporters section of the book!

Families that eat a meal together are more likely to eat nutritious meals and are less likely to be overweight

For each meal, a kid's plate should have enough vegetables that should be equal to the size of a baseball

Couscous can be served as a type of cereal for breakfast, used as a salad topper for lunch or dinner, or can be sweetened and served as a dessert

The first type of peanut butter was made by the Incas in 950 B.C.

60% of a kid's body is made up of water, which should be replaced by drinking 5-8 glasses of water per day

Freddy's Tips & Fun Facts 

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